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Would you like to try e-payslip?




Please install for us to be able to assist in the setup of e-Payslip, please select non-commercial use when installing.

Registration/Setup once off amount

Once off fee for registration and setup of the Company Profile.

How do I get all the users/employees onto e-Payslip

Create a report on the payroll and print to text file (we can assist with the report), upload the file to e-Payslip.

How do I get the payslips on e-Payslip?

Print the payslips to a file and upload to e-Payslip

What happens once order is confirmed?

e-Payslip will setup your login admin and HR/Audit passwords and get in contact to walk you through the setup.

Upload process?

The user file for the employees get uploaded first, then the payslips get uploaded.

Payslips with logo

We use the payslip’s you normally print containing the logo.

How many payslip's can you upload?

There is no limit per month.

Payslip UI19 IRP5 Documents history

The documents are kept indefinitely.

Previous payslips

Client can upload previous payslip history anytime.

Salaries and Wages

We create separate database/logins, normally two different payroll administrators one for salaries and one for hourly employees.